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Looking for a grant or scholarship?

You can receive information about available scholarships and grants. Send your request via email to: BillingsZontaScholarships@gmail.com


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Women in Technology Award

Congratulations to our 2019 Women in Technology Scholarship winner Amy Dixon!  Award. She received $1,000 from Zonta Club of Billings at the club’s business meeting on August 7. Her application was then forwarded to the Zonta District 12 competition, where she won the District award of an additional $2,000. Ms. Dixon understands “that opportunities in today's economy demand strong technical expertise, and Montana ranks among the worst states for technology education, with only 40% of state high schools offering CS courses.” She hopes “to change Montana's poor computer education infrastructure by empowering low-income and rural students with coding skills that will improve their chances at achieving professional opportunities.”

Congratulations to our 2019 Women in Business Scholarship winner 

Kaitlin Angel! Kaitlin is the recipient of a $1500 Zonta Club of Billings Scholarship.

Congratulations to our 2019 Young Woman in Public Affairs Scholarship winner Allison Johnson.  Allison is a senior at Billings West, and you'll recognize her as one of the West High Amnesty International volunteers that assisted with Trivia Night. Way to go Allison!

Young Women in Public Affairs Award

This award honors young women 16-19 who demonstrate a commitment to leadership in public policy, government and volunteer organizations. Applications locally are due by March 1st, each year.   The local winner is advanced to District 12 for possible selection as the District winner, an additional $1,000 award. From the District winners, ten international winners receive an additional $4,000.

Pictured above- past winner Annalese Warner with children she worked with in Africa. 

ZONTA Centennial Anniversary Grant Opportunity!!!

In honor of 100 years of ZONTA.... Zonta International is awarding a special one-time grant opportunity! Grants of up to $5,000 each will recognize a charitable organization working to improve the lives of women and girls in our local community. Billings’ Zonta wants to partner with you on a project. Applications for this grant are closed. Thank you!


2018 Zonta Club of Billings

JMK Women in Business Scholarship Winner goes on to win Zonta District 12 and Zonta International! 

Cassidy Shaver is 1 of 6 women to win internationally. She has received over $11,000 in tuition scholarships. 

Congratulations Cassidy!

Community Grants and Scholarships

Zonta Club of Billings is pleased to announce a grant program for local nonprofit organizations that benefit women in our community

Zonta Club of Billings is committed to award up to $5,000 to support a program or project that aligns with the Zonta Club of Billings criteria.  The supported program must:

Advance women in one of the following areas:  Educational, Legal, Political, Economical/Financial, Health/Safety and Occupational/Vocational/Professional  or prevents and fights violence against women and girls.

How to apply: 

Interested applicants should submit a ONE PAGE Letter of Interest (LOI) by June 1, 2017.  LOI's should be mailed to Zonta Club of Billings, Attn: Precious McKenzie,  PO Box 1064, Billings, MT 59103, or emailed to zontarswgrant@gmail.com.  LOI's should include the following information:

1.  Name of the organization.
2.  Contact Information (contact person, address, phone, email, website)
3.  A brief description of the proposed program or project you are seeking funds to support. Please include how Zonta Club of Billings members can work as partners with your organization.
4.  Total amount of support you are seeking:  $250-$5,000.

Once LOI's are reviewed, selected organizations will receive a grant application to submit. Completed grant applications are due by July 15, 2017.  

Questions?  Email zontarswgrant@gmail.com

Previous Grant Winners

MSUB Women's and Gender Studies

Billing's Symphony Orchestra & Chorale- Guitar Grants for Women's Prison Lessons 


Friendship House of Christian Service

Passages- Alternative's Inc

Angela's Piazza: Drop-in Center for Women

Audubon Conservation Education Center

Billings Symphony

Center for Children and Families

Dress for Success

Family Tree Center

Montana Rescue Mission

Montana Womens Prison

Montana Women Vote

Yellowstone AIDS Project

Young Families Early Head Start



Jane M. Klausman 

Women in Business Scholarship
This annual scholarship is awarded to women pursuing an undergraduate or master’s degree in business management.  An applicant must be in at least the second year of undergraduate studies to qualify for the award. The Zonta Club of Billings award is $1,000. The winner advances to the District level. The District winner is awarded $1,000 and advances to International consideration. There are twelve winners at the International level that receive $7,000 each.  

Local club deadline is June 1st.

For additional information on JMK please visit 

Questions? Contact us at billingszonta@gmail.com